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"I have been the proud owner of a Central Boiler, model number CL4030 for nearly two years. The performance has been superb. You can burn virtually any wood in this product without problem. Our particular system heats our water and provides heat to our house via the heat pump fan. The heat provided is immediate and far beyond what would be generated by the heat pump alone. Needless to say our electric bills have been reduced significantly. Try it you will be impressed."

"Mark J.
Rogue River, Oregon

"I heat with natural gas and since installing the Central Boiler my Avista Utility Bill has dropped to practically nothing. This year it would probably exceed $200 per month but has only been running about $15 a month. I like it!"

Gary T.
Grants Pass, Oregon


"I live on land which has a lot of downed dead, ugly wood laying around. Since I have installed a Central Boiler to provide all the domestic hot water and house heating through our radiant floor, I have never needed to spend a cent for heating. I love this thing, it burns practically any old dead and decaying wood on my property. The benefits for me is that it heats my home with free fire wood and the collecting of the wood cleans up my property, while at the same time reducing fire ground fuel, then the left over wood ash benefits our garden. I feel it's an ideal solution for many who live in Oregon, where there is an abundance of decaying wood fuel sources available to provide them with free heating versus paying year after year for fuel or electricity. Also, it keeps the nasty ugly stuff burning outside while warming the house inside without the air pollution caused from burning wood indoors. I see this as an investment toward energy independence, while at the same time not harming the environment from energy sources that require fossil fuels, so it is a win-win all around solution that has paid for itself".

Dan W.
Williams, Oregon


" I had my Central Boiler installed just a few days ago and already my neighbors are giving me wood that they don't want to burn in indoors."

"Norm E.
Grants Pass, Oregon

"We have lived in our present house for many years and for as many years I have showered in a cold bathroom. We would use a wood stove in the living room to provide heat the house, but the back of the house was never really comfortable. Since we had a Central Boiler installed the old furnace keeps the house warm and comfortable from one end to the other without the fear of a $300 heating bill. We love it!"

Ann G. - Rogue River, OR


"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you THANK YOU for helping to make a needed dream come true. I've been trying to purchase an out door boiler for three years now and it appears that I now own the best in the industry. Ray was a pleasure to do business with and your integrity showed through your instructions to him. Thanks again"

Mark Dulin
Grants Pass, Oregon


"With more than forty acres of forest on our north coastal California property, it seemed a natural to have a wood-burning heating system for our new home. Central Boiler has provided us with a comfortable and reliable source of heating. We power the entire system with our solar electric installation which provides ample power for the boiler pumps and electronics as well as the zone pumps in the house. The system works beyond our expectations and to our great pleasure - and just in time to ride out the vastly increased prices of oil and gas. We highly recommend the product and service provided by Ray and his staff at Ray Ogden Enterprises."

Herb & Sherri Gregory Pruett
Willits, California


"Very happy with Central Boiler furnace. The wood and mess are all outside, also house is very comfortable. We really like the fact that wood does not need to be split."

Bruce K.
Bomanville, Ontario


"Before, with our two indoor wood stoves, we had problems with smoke in the house, soot, and dirt. We were concerned about how safe they were, and we had to load them every three hours. With our Central Boiler Classic outdoor wood furnace, we feel much safer, and we only have to load it about every two days. Also, my son has asthma, and since we got the outdoor furnace, he's had fewer problems. I think it's because the air is much cleaner inside now. That was a real unexpected benefit. Probably the best one of all."

Amy R.
New Carlisle, Quebec


"Buying the Classic Central Boiler is one of the best decisions I have made toward achieving my goal of creating a totally self suffient farmstead. I have a free supply of wood so my heat and hot water cost me zero. Since installing the Boiler I save between $300 and $400 per month by not having to purchase propane. The return on investment is immediate and substantial."

Dwight J.
Buffalo, New York


"I have to tell you, 'heaven can wait' - we own one of your CL-40 and I do not think even heaven can be that comfortable, to say that the furnace has made a difference in our lives would be a huge understatement. Our first [electric] bill for the house, the computer rejected it and I had to call them to see what was wrong. The lady explained that there had to be something wrong with the meter. Well for the next five weeks they came to my house to read the 'defective' meter every three days to finally realize that the furnace was making all the difference."

Jean G.
New Carlisle, Quebec


"It took moisture off my windows, and cut my wood usage to less than half. Two people I work with each have a Classic. We are all totally satisfied."

William S.
Cushing, Wisconsin


"It is efficient, easy to load and clean out. Has the best warranty coverage of all outdoor furnaces that we checked. We're very happy with the furnace, have no complaints, and love the design. We heat our water as well as the house, and the house has nice, steady, even heat."

Ron K.
Holland Patent, New York


"I don't think you can improve it any better. People are amazed when I fire this thing up. I have a 200 year old farm house and it has never been this warm in here - and I have lived here all my life. My friends and neighbors love the looks of the Central Boiler."

Barry M.
Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania